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  • Are There Any Dangerous Clothes for Infants?

    the onesie is a classic baby styleDressing your baby properly is one of the most essential components of good parenting. Simply slapping together an outfit for your little one is both irresponsibly and potentially harmful. Did you know that there are some clothes considered dangerous for babies? Regardless of that fact, clothing manufacturers still develop fashions which use those hazardous features. As a dutiful parent, you must determine what’s safe and what’s not so you can dress your children accordingly.

    The Top Five Treacherous Features to Avoid When Buying Infant Clothes

    Picking out what your infant will wear can be a lot of fun, so don’t spoil the party by putting your baby in clothes that could get them hurt. When shopping around, try to avoid items that have the following features, even if they’re the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen:

    1. Lots of Strings

    Never purchase infant clothing that has an abundance of strings attached to it. This is a prime reason that baby onesies became so popular, of course. This is not only a choking hazard, it is a strangulation hazard as well. Drawstring pants are very cute, and hoodies with strings can look amazing, but the chance of hurting your baby is not worth the oohs and ahs of onlookers.

    1. Sewn-On Buttons

    Infants explore the world around them in many ways. One of the most common: sticking things in their mouths. As an infant, a sewn-on button is just asking to be chewed on. Limit their access to temptation to prevent them from swallowing or choking on loose buttons.

    1. Flammable Material

    Keep in mind that most clothing will catch fire is exposed to extreme heat or flame. However, putting your kids in clothes that are extremely flammable is not a good idea at all. Protect your infant by dressing him or her in flame retardant materials such as:

    • Coated nylon
    • Melamine
    • Modacrylic
    • Wool
    • Leather
    • Fire-Resistant Cotton

    You can also purchase flame retardant spray to apply to your infant’s surroundings, or buy flame retardant textiles to create your own infant clothes.

    1. Improper Fit

    The way clothing fits plays a huge role in how safe the wearer is, and your infant is no exception. Loosing fitting garments can get tangled, while tight clothing can pinch and cut off circulation. Be sure you infant’s clothes fit properly through each stage of growth to ensure maximum safety.

    Dress your child in clothes that do not possess these features and you should be good to go. For more information about special clothing concerns regarding your infant, consult a pediatrician.

  • Do Hospitals Do Emergency Dental Work?

    When you have a dental emergency, you may not be too picky about where you go for help. If your emergency occurs after your regular dentist is closed for the day, then your first inclination may be to try a hospital (specifically the emergency room) for treatment. After all, doctors are trained to deal with just about any medical problem.

    But that would be the wrong choice. If you go to a hospital and request emergency dental treatment, then you will have to wait until an actual licensed dentist can come to care for you. That’s because dental licensing and training is different from that of a general medical practitioner. While a medical doctor may know what to do to treat your medical emergency, they will be bound by the force of law to withhold dental treatment for you until a dentist can arrive.

    They may be able to give you some painkillers or some other medication to help with your problem, but they cannot perform any dental procedures, no matter how minor they may be. This is why it is important to use emergency dentists in Dallas, Texas when you have a dental emergency. These dentists are able to help you at any hour of the day, even after regular dentists have closed their doors.

    Their training is the same as your typical dentist, and they can perform all the same procedures for you. However, they operate at all hours of the day, providing their care whenever you need it. You don’t have to have a file with them or make an appointment. You can come in when you have a problem, and they will treat you as soon as possible.

    That’s the convenience of emergency dentists in Dallas, Texas. You may not be able to predict when a dental emergency will occur, and you need to be able to have someone available to take care of it for you. Just don’t go to a hospital for treatment, if you know the problem is a dental one. There may not be much they can do for you right away. They may even call in the same emergency dentist that you could have gone to see directly. It’s better to just save yourself some time and hassle and go to the emergency dentist when your regular one is not available to assist you.

  • Why Urgent Care Centers Need to Stand Out

    office of an urgent care chainWhat urgent care centers are doing is basically encroaching on the territory already occupied by hospitals and doctor’s offices. For the most part, they offer something different from one another. It’s when they all start to meld together and kind of be the same as one another that a problem occurs.

    There can be a healthy competition between a hospital, an urgent care center and a few doctor’s offices in a small area. They can all offer something that the other can’t, and that usually boils down to the kind of service they provide and the way the customer is handled.

    With doctor offices, most patients have been coming there a while and they need to make appointments to get in. At a hospital, there are long waiting times, but it is worth it to many customers because they can get any medical care they need there. At urgent care centers, customers can come in and receive care quickly and at a low price. They each have their own appeal, and that’s what allows each of them to reach certain sectors of the population. As different needs arise for an individual, a different medical facility will fulfill that need best.

    But when urgent care centers start to seem the same as their competition, then they have little to differentiate them. They are kind of the new kids in town, so to speak, and they have to be able to prove themselves. They are competing against entrenched medical facilities with customers that have been coming to those facilities for years. Why would those customers leave their familiar medical care to go try out the urgent care center?

    They won’t, unless those care centers make themselves stand out in some way. They have to make sure they are offering their services at prices that can’t really be beat. They also need to provide quick care on a first come, first served basis. Most of all, they need to provide quality care. Otherwise, their customers won’t be coming back. If consumers think they can receive great care at these facilities and at lower prices and in less time than they could elsewhere, then they will keep coming back. Offering that to their consumers is the only way many urgent care centers are going to survive.

  • Feature Your Wedding Planning Business at the Expo

    planning details for a wedding

    At some point, as a wedding planner you will come to the realization that you are not charging enough for your professional services.
    You may justify under pricing–whether its matching a competitor or just low-balling–as a way to ‘get your name out there.’

    Take it from me–don’t do it.

    And if you’re already in this situation, here’s why you need to stop. If you’re not Making Money This is a Hobby!

    Making the decision to plan weddings for a living isn’t usually driven by money. More than likely your work is truly a labor of love; a passion; something you will gladly do–and likely have done– without receiving a dime. Unfortunately, women in general (and currently the majority of planners are female) are notorious for volunteering their time, and society readily exploits those who are willing. This practice isn’t good for your wallet.

    If your goal is to operate and grow the successful wedding planning company you’ve dreamed about (and yes, you absolutely can do that!), then you have to set your fees to be profitable. Otherwise consider your wedding planning efforts a hobby. Falling into the trap of under pricing, is easy to do. But almost instantly you’re labeled by your clients and other wedding professionals as the budget wedding planner. Will you initially attract more brides this way? Absolutely. But you’ll be working twice as hard…for a lot less.

    Brides with Champagne Tastes on Apple Cider Budgets

    Now don’t get me wrong; working with budget brides shouldn’t be off limits. For some planners, this target market is a very profitable niche–you just have to be smart about matching your time with your income.

    If during your initial conversation with a bride, you determine that she’s budget sensitive, don’t dismiss her, but don’t go crazy with a 2-hour consultation, either. Just remember that your time is valuable. Create and have ready a no-frills wedding planning package that includes a limited number of consulting hours and stick to it!

    And remember that wedding venues are always expensive. Make sure the budget is there before you start trucking around town looking for that perfectly romantic spot that ALSO happens to comfortably seat 400!

    BY THE WAY : Never apologize or make excuses for your fee. You are a professional, providing a specialized service. Practice saying your fee (hundreds of times, if you have to!) before telling your clients. When you’re hesitant or unsure, brides will assume there is a weakness and question the amount you’ve quoted.

    The other equally important part of this is perception. Your bride has to perceive you to be worth your fee. (So if you’re guilty of trying to finish that box of biz cards with your new email address handwritten, all squished to the side, and thinking that no one’s paying attention, think again!) From the moment she meets with you–whether in person or virtually–you are responsible for making that bride realize how beneficial you are to her wedding (more on that topic in another article).

    So, take a moment to review your current pricing. Give yourself some credit, and start charging what you’re worth.

  • Seven Ways to Promote Your Business Without Spending a Fortune

    Here are 7 low-cost but highly effective marketing tips to help any small business find customers and generate sales quickly.
    tips written on blocks

    1. Don’t Advertise Like a Big Business

    Big businesses advertise to create name recognition and future sales. A small business can’t afford to do that. Instead, design your advertising to produce sales… now. One way to accomplish this is to always include an offer in your advertising – and an easy way for prospective customers to respond to it.

    2. Offer a Cheaper Version

    Some prospective customers are not willing to pay the asking price for your product or service. Others are more interested in paying a low price than in getting the best quality. You can avoid losing sales to many of these customers by offering a smaller or stripped down version of your product or service at a lower price.

    3. Offer a Premium Version

    Not all customers are looking for a cheap price. Many are willing to pay a higher price to get a premium product or service. You can boost your average size sale and your total revenue by offering a more comprehensive product or service …or by combining several products or services in a special premium package offer for a higher price.

    items for promotional marketing effort4. Try Some Unusual Marketing Methods

    Look for some unconventional marketing methods your competitors are overlooking. You may discover some highly profitable ways to generate sales and avoid competition. For example, print your logo onto custom embroidered hats and distribute them to prospects in your targeted market. Even a small ad on a postcard can drive a high volume of traffic to your website or generate a flood of sales leads for a very small cost.

    5. Trim Your Ads

    Reduce the size of your ads so you can run more ads for the same cost. You may even be surprised to find that some of your short ads generate a better response than their longer versions.

    6. Set up Joint Promotions with Other Small Businesses

    Contact some non-competing small businesses serving customers in your market. Offer to publicize their products or services to your customers in exchange for their publicizing your services to their customers. Cross-promotion usually produces a large number of sales for a very low cost.

    7. Take Advantage of Your Customers

    Your customers already know and trust you. It’s easier to get more business from them than to get any business from somebody who never bought from you. Take advantage of this by creating some special deals just for your existing customers …and announce new products and services to them before you announce them to the general market.

    Also, convert your customers into publicity agents for your business. Develop an incentive for them to tell associates and friends about the value of your products or services. An endorsement from them is more effective than any amount of advertising – and it is much cheaper.

    Each of these 7 marketing tips provides a simple, low-cost way for any small business to find customers and generate sales quickly.